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Housing situation is resolved, new apartment we've signed a lease for is great, we're all super excited about the planning and moving (and no longer having our totally unhelpful landlords)... I'm extremely pleased and excited, and I think it's going to work out wonderfully. It's not 1-1 in terms of space, but it's an entirely reasonable space, it has central air and off-street parking, free laundry on the ground floor, AND the landlord seems to be responsible. So it looks like it's going to be pretty great.

Our initial performance of Sundown happened weekend before last and went fine, with a minimum of mistakes and drama, and a maximum of audience satisfaction, as far as we could see. Very pleased with it, even though it wasn't perfect. (Stop dwelling on things, self.)

This past weekend we had a small celebration for Bethface's birthday, then got the keys to our new place, took a bunch of measurements, planned things, and I did a ton of laundry.

I am no longer sick (and got well in a very timely fashion for dress rehearsal and performance), I have had enough free time in the past week to start packing and moving some clothes over, even if nothing else as yet. So many work things have been coming together fairly successfully in the past week as well.

Basically I seem to have descended from stress mountain and on the other side turns out to be this pleasant little meadow of reasonableness and satisfaction.

So by and large, life is good, even if we're all going to be doing quite a bit of packing. :)

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May. 16th, 2013

Aie. So life continues to be busy, and I continue to not be handling it as gracefully as I would like.

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Feb. 10th, 2013

On JoCo Cruise Crazy III. Be back in a week. Hopefully will actually post afterwards with fun pictures. :)

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Hey Bostonites!

Hallo fronds. Do you like Cirque du Soleil? Are you free on Friday, November 2nd? Would you like to join me in seeing Saltimbanco at Agganis Arena at 8 PM?

If so, comment or email me, as I very, very much want to go, since I adore Cirque du Soleil, and the music from this show in particular, and would love company. :)

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So it occurred to me...

I've been very busy in the past year or so with music, and I think I've talked now and again about that, but I don't think I have ever, ever posted any of the results of it. And they do exist, so I'm not sure why this has just never occurred to me.

Anyhow. Correcting that...
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A lot of time is still going toward both those groups. In Sassafrass, we're working on recording a new album, which mostly is already written, but which some of us are learning music for, and others are just trying to get down good recordings of. We're going for a higher quality CD than has been made before by the group, and ye gods, it's an adventure.

In Stranger Ways, we're sort of at the step before that. We've been working on writing a concept album for most of the year now. Almost every song we intend to be on there is started, a few are finished and we've rehearsed a few times, but many more are only about halfway in, or are further along with lyrics than music, or vice versa. It's been an interesting voyage of discovery in terms of how we all write music, how we collaborate, what strengths we have, etc. For the most part, I'm really enjoying the writing, though it's always dispiriting that I can't always make the music go on demand. Anyhow, I have done so very little lyrics writing before, so this has been a real challenge, but also really an awesome growth type thing. Learnings; I can haz them.

So now you know what like 10 - 20 hours of my week has been going to for the past year and a bit.

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Chicken or egg?

Am I out of sorts because I'm not getting enough sleep, or am I not getting enough sleep because I am out of sorts?

Last night either I was in pain and failing to sleep for most of the night (in a really odd way where it felt like my abdomen was crisscrossed with a grid of ache), or I dreamed a very long dream about being in pain. When I woke up this morning, I found that deep breaths hurt just a little. I honestly can't figure out where this is coming from, and if I did in fact get enough sleep, but just slept very restlessly due to that dream.

I am confused and tired. At least it's Friday, and I should have some chance to catch up. Hopefully this is not me getting sick, as I can't even figure out, were that the case, what it is I would be sick with.

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Because I have been accused of trolling...

I have cut my hair off. Or a lot of it, anyhow. My housemate said not forewarning people is mean. Who knew?

I have also dyed it as purple as I could reasonably make it. A few pictures - lighting makes it anywhere from "is that pinkish?" to "that's just brown, right?"

New Hair - from side/back
New Hair - other side/back
New hair - from front in lower light

I am going to actually make it through today, and thus if you are going to Dragon*Con, you might actually seem me with some vestiges of spoons left. If you are there, and are looking for me, now you know to look for purple instead of red. There, I helped. Totally not trolling now. :P

...so close to time off. Just waiting for this scheduled job to hopefully finish successfully so that I can leave. Time for deep breaths.

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Odd dream

So I'm noting this down, because it was fairly innocuous, but weird, and I often forget my dreams.

Basically in the dream, I was shopping with my mom (in some dollar store-esque type place), and she had picked up the oddest package of RAM I have ever seen. She said there was some promotion whereby it was a free sample or something, but on looking at it I dismissed it as not even functional, because instead of being a full stick, it was broken out into 1 inch square parts. Also, half the package had rainbow coloured sort of transparent bars across the top (where you'd usually hold onto as you inserted the RAM). Later it turned out that this was in fact supposed to be functional, because the pieces connected together into a full stick (and it'd be rainbow-y!) with some sort of slidey-channel type action, so I was then spending the rest of the dream wandering around trying to find the package again, while stressing about if we needed to pay for it. I kept finding other rainbow things in similar packages, but never what I wanted.

Anyhow. I woke up thinking a) any RAM you could buy for as inexpensive as that stuff supposedly was seems unlikely to be particularly quality, b) but man, it'd probably make really neat looking jewelry.

Also, why would my mom pick up RAM in the first place? Pretty certain she has no idea what that even is. Brains spew out odd things sometimes.

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So I was writing out this fairly sizable email to my father, (I never have time to be on the phone lately, so I wanted to catch him up on life in general) and I thought, "hey, self, you could also drop parts of this on your journal for personal reference and actually being informative to friends." So I am. :)

I've been doing okay, though amount of busy-ness in my life is aggravating. I'm getting to a point where I need to schedule things like grocery shopping and doing the laundry. (Seriously, we hadn't been shopping in I don't know how long, so we had to schedule it, and it took like two hours this past week because of how much stuff we needed.) This gets frustrating, but at least this week is a bit less packed.

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I'm beginning to think, due to how little free time I seem to have lately, about just requesting a few days off work in order to stay home and just clean up my life. My room is a hideous mess, I need to throw out any number of things and donate others, I have fallen behind on a lot of the non-work projects I want to be doing... and sleep. I know other folks who are busier than I am, and I just don't even understand how that works. I constantly feel like life is a bit out of control, and that I'm behind on everything, and I find myself, on rare occasions when I have free time, just essentially wanting to do non-stress things (like play Dragon Age again) to give my brain some sort of recovery time. Except I can't really afford to, with all the stuff I'm behind on. I'm torn between "I should commit less time to recreational things" and "why on earth would I stop doing things I enjoy?"

I guess at least I don't have to worry that I'm not living life fully enough?

Really looking forward to tomorrow evening and grilling some delicious fruits and veggies... hope other US-based folks also have a happy fourth. (Okay, the rest of you can also have a happy fourth, y'know, just with most likely 100% fewer fireworks.)


Any time my brain wants to stop chanting at me, "Eating all the bodiieees! Actual cannibal Shia LeBeouf!" it can absolutely feel free to do so.

(I would blame Shati, but I clearly brought this on myself.)