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With unspoken insinuation of desire for elaboration

Let he who is without abnormalities cast the first aspersion.

10 October 1980
In my third decade, I decided being an adult is flipping awesome. Originally from NY, I have become a Boston convert, and I love my town to an unreasonable degree.

I went to school for music, and I still play and sing, but I work in IT. I'm a geek and I'm proud. I'm observant, creative, not particularly modest, but still fairly insecure. I'm a long term vegetarian, a lover of cats despite my allergies to them, a fairly social person, and generally an optimist despite cynical tendencies.

I would like to spend more time dancing, walking in the wind, singing and reading, but I succumb to working and playing silly video games a bit too often.

Lately I am spending a lot of time on music once again, thanks to Sassafrass and Stranger Ways.
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