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Odd dream

So I'm noting this down, because it was fairly innocuous, but weird, and I often forget my dreams.

Basically in the dream, I was shopping with my mom (in some dollar store-esque type place), and she had picked up the oddest package of RAM I have ever seen. She said there was some promotion whereby it was a free sample or something, but on looking at it I dismissed it as not even functional, because instead of being a full stick, it was broken out into 1 inch square parts. Also, half the package had rainbow coloured sort of transparent bars across the top (where you'd usually hold onto as you inserted the RAM). Later it turned out that this was in fact supposed to be functional, because the pieces connected together into a full stick (and it'd be rainbow-y!) with some sort of slidey-channel type action, so I was then spending the rest of the dream wandering around trying to find the package again, while stressing about if we needed to pay for it. I kept finding other rainbow things in similar packages, but never what I wanted.

Anyhow. I woke up thinking a) any RAM you could buy for as inexpensive as that stuff supposedly was seems unlikely to be particularly quality, b) but man, it'd probably make really neat looking jewelry.

Also, why would my mom pick up RAM in the first place? Pretty certain she has no idea what that even is. Brains spew out odd things sometimes.

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